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"Mobilize Your Mouse"

“Form Follows Function” with Surfin ‘EZ!

Surfin ‘EZ is a revolutionary  product engineered  to take your mouse to places it’s never been before…

satin finish carbon fiber contact surface

optimally accommodates virtually any size laser/optical mouse...Even wired!

patented mobile/durable thermoplastic elastomer platform

has been engineered to be ergonomic by design

summer 2022

frequently asked questions

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  • where is surfin ‘ez made
  • what is surfin ‘ez made of?

surfin ‘ez is the revolutionary patented mobile ergonomic computer mouse platform designed to allow you to use your wireless or wired computer mouse virtually anywhere. 


surfin ‘ez  is engineered to allow you to use your mouse in virtually any way that anyone could possibly imagine.


It is especially well suited for those who operate in a mobile work environment with a laptop, and prefer the precision of their computer mouse… thereby avoiding the idiosyncrasies of that annoying touch pad.


surfin ‘ez is engineered to be truly ergonomic from various perspectives including:

*encourages the user to intuitively use their mouse in an anatomically more efficient manner, which again becomes automatic related to the design of the platform; As the user notices their tendency to skip the mouse for larger moves of the cursor, using the fingers rather than unintentionally using the larger muscles of the arm, shoulder and in some cases, the neck. this design feature decreases the potential for muscle/joint fatigue and the propensity for repetitive motion injury.   


*elevated platform that is surfin ‘ez… is also determined to be truly ergonomic due to the fact that  the platform when used on a desk is elevated 3/4″ above the surface of your desk. 


Anatomically. . . the elevated platform encourages a more planar or extended positioning of the user’s wrist.  This feature limits the propensity for flexion of the wrist, consequently helping to limit the potential for flexion associated compression of the median nerve which passes through the Carpal Tunnel.

This is especially important in an ongoing occupational setting.  (see our educational video on carpal tunnel syndrome risk factors here)


*intuitive change of position  in addition to the inherent structurally engineered benefit related to the elevated surface; This feature in has been determined to instinctively combine. . .  your mouse with the surfin ‘ez platform thus becoming one integrated unit in the mind of the user...

*the user consequent to this, tends to change position (intuitively); which provides this additional key ergonomic benefit ***  when discussing minimalizing potential for repetitive motion injury.

*use your preferred mouse anywhere… whether you’re using your laptop and prefer your mouse over that annoying touch pad…

 …or using your desktop computer for work, play or even gaming. . .



Surfin’ ez allows you to use your preferred wireless or wired computer mouse with greater convenience, comfort, freedom and versatility!


*using your preferred computer mouse in virtually any location or circumstance.


**relax with surfin ‘ez!!! that is, kick back… put your feet up with surfin ‘ez on your lap, arm of a chair… wherever you choose! 


“surfin” the net takes on a new meaning…


shopping on line, reviewing documents for work… or even reading more comfortably the more often than not, digital newspaper…


***Reading the “newspaper” should not have to be work… Right?

it’s a given… everything is on-line today,  surfin’ez allows work or play on your computer or on-line to be less taxing, less hassle and consequently… more fun and less like work.


*only surfin ‘ez puts you in total control of how you are able to use your mouse to navigate any given computer desktop using your preferred computer mouse!


-work better more efficiently!

using your computer mouse with surfin ‘ez as noted previously… is intuitive;  the only difference being, that after just a few minutes use, you will find yourself using your mouse more efficiently and with greater comfort than ever before!


travel…mobilize your mouse!


*if you travel with a laptop… pick your favorite mouse (small or large), and slide it into the mousetrap, place your mouse ensconced safely in the mousetrap together with your laptop in your bag and be on your way. No worries. . .


*upon arrival to your destination, remove your mouse together with your surfin ‘ez and your laptop… and get down to business or play…  simple as that!


*deliver corporate presentations in a more organized fashion using your laptop, your mouse and surfin ‘ez with apple airplay or other presentation software…


“gamers” can practice dispatching bad guys with their feet up… it’s better with surfin ‘ez!



surfin ‘ez has been designed, and will be manufactured in the united states of america!


final manufacturing engineering has been completed by unique tool and guide in windsor, ontario, canada.


Surfin ‘EZ has been engineered using set parameters of adherence to a “form follows function” design philosophy.


the body of the device is fabricated of specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer, (TPE).


*what is TPE?

you may be familiar with TPE as it is utilized in the production of many quality products. thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is highly customizable relative to accurately achieving  predetermined characteristics of texture and feel for the final product being produced.

*TPE  is recyclable as well!

TPE as it is known, is used in applications such as protective covers for various electronic devices, including cell phones as well as the tactile surfaces of audio/climate device controls in high end automobiles such as porsche, mercedes benz, and bmw.


TPE is used for these devices and for surfin ‘ez because the desired tactile characteristics of tackiness, touch/feel can be engineered/programmed into the material in order to obtain the precise “user” experience/feel for the intended use of the device.


*genuine carbon fiber mouse contact surface.


satin finish carbon fiber material has been selected for the surfin ‘ez operational surface which is in contact with the computer mouse because it offers both an exceptional user experience as well as durability… for use with your laser or optical mouse.


I am available to answer your questions via email

john russell, President Surfin-EZ LLC