Surfin-EZ Benefits

Surfin-EZ... Final Production Design

durable premium Satin Finish Carbon Fibre Surface

manufactured in the united states of america

use your mouse anywhere!

It's all about making your life easier... thru purpose driven engineering & design

no limits

Surfin-EZ is designed/engineered to be inherently ergonomic as it "mobilizes" YOUR... favorite Mouse. 

  • surfin-ez makes any touch pad or trackpad obsolete!
  • touchpads as a primary input device, are little more than a backup!
  • No limits. . . you decide “how & where” you use your mouse… on your leg, your lap, in bed, or on the arm of a chair!

"Surfin-EZ is unique in defining portability..."

surfin-ez's integrated mousetrap "mobilizes" your mouse!

                                     the  Surfin-EZ “mousetrap”allows:

  •   convenient, safe transport/use of any size/type computer mouse. 
  • Designed to accommodate even a wired mouse!     
  • Surfin-EZ means… No more annoying touch pads… ever!
  • the purpose directed engineering encourages the user to intuitively use their wireless computer mouse by design.


  • almost immediately, new surfin-ez users notice their tendency to skip their mouse for quicker, more precise, expansive moves of the cursor on their desktop. 


  • this user change of habit was experienced/observed even with the earliest surfin-ez prototypes.

user benefits: enhanced efficiency, convenience and fun!

so simple... it's just right

  • inherent optimization of the mechanics of work/play equates to increased speed, precision and focus.
  • quicker more efficient and precise cursor control… through intuitive change in manipulation of the (wired/wireless) computer mouse using the fingers, rather than the larger upper extremity muscle groups…
  • provides the user significant “engineered in” mechanical advantage providing enhanced  anatomical user comfort, efficiency, speed and safety.



detailed specifics

Surfin-EZ directly related to the inherent advantages of its patented design:

  • decreases the potential for muscle/joint fatigue and the propensity for repetitive motion injury in combination with its additional engineered in user benefits of note.
  • intuitive change of position:  the mouse in combination with the surfin-ez platform tend to become “one integrated unit” in the mind/hand of the user.
  •  the patented elevated platform design has been determined to be truly ergonomic due to the fact that  the platform, when used on a desk… is elevated 3/4″ above the surface of your desk; therefore, anatomically encouraging a more planar or extended position of the user’s wrist.
  • This engineered mechanical advantage “helps” to  limit the propensity for flexion of the wrist and the associated compression of the median nerve which passes through the anatomy of the Carpal Tunnel.

*** key point  This is especially true in an ongoing occupational setting.  (see our educational video on carpal tunnel syndrome risk factors here)

  • the user consequent to this, tends to change position “intuitively”; which provides this additional key “engineered in” ergonomic benefit when discussing the avoidance of repetitive motion injury (RMI) and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

surfin-ez summarized

  • in summary, surfin-ez is as truly ergonomic as it is… portable…  Specifically due to its patented, purpose directed, engineered design characteristics which determine its form, thereby optimizing its intended function.
  • Surfin-ez’s “purpose oriented design” intuitively encourages the computer mouse user to manipulate their mouse more comfortably/efficiently and with greater focus.
  • The surfin-ez platform for most people, makes touch pads including the apple trackpad essentially obsolete… while allowing you to use your favorite mouse however and wherever you want!

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launching july 2023

“The revolutionary advanced surfing platform  that gets your wireless mouse off of your desk.”

John Russell